Rolex replica will continue to cooperate with the International Building Exhibition ─ 2016 Venice Biennale officially opened

May 26, 2016, Venice ─ Rolex replica will support the world’s leading construction exhibition, the architecture exhibition on May 28 to November 27 was held in Venice. This is the Rolex three years (2014, 2016 and 2018) as the second International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale ─ exclusive partner and specified count.
Rolex Communications and Image Director Arnold ‧ Boaters (Arnaud Boetsch) said: collaboration “with the Architecture Biennale, we are very proud of building and tabulation have much in common, both must both function and aesthetics. both convenient and practical, but also enjoyable. to do this, they must meet the highest level of precision and in terms of performance, this is the one-upmanship Rolex place, will also be in the next six months, held in the historic city exhibitions to show the world. ”

Rolex watch brand to become the world’s leading high-level, more than a century ago from founder Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) faith, committed to excellence at every level. He created a new structure of the case, so the classic Oyster series became the first waterproof watch, like the great buildings that experienced the purification time while standing.

Over the past five decades, Rolex for its office building design and construction, is also consistent with the requirements of watchmaking concepts, also strive for excellence. The latest of two office buildings by Kengo Kuma (Kengo Kuma) Design Dallas, Texas office, and office buildings in Milan by Italian Yibin Ni Architects (Studio Albini) design, are the focus of the exhibition, the exhibition will be Rolex exhibition was held in the garden.

• Sir Norman Foster (Lord Norman Foster), Daniel Libeskind (Daniel Libeskind), Frank Gehry (Frank Gehry), Ryue Nishizawa (Ryue Nishizawa) and other famous architects who are creating Rolex recommended Arts funding Scheme (Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative) as a consultant. Since the program was established in 2002, has served as mentor artists Alvaro Siza (Álvaro Siza), Sejima (Kazuyo Sejima), Peter Zumthor (Peter Zumthor), and currently serves as mentor to wear dimension. Chipperfield (Sir David Chipperfield) as the Architecture Biennale curator in 2012.

The pursuit of excellence

As the great building was designed by the architect discerning built deep sagacity watchmakers created the watch, but also surpass the highest levels of precision and performance. Rolex has long been aware of the delicate interplay between the two ─ from their innovative thinking and creative ideas these two powerful momentum.

Watch as the fine structure of a building, made after thoroughly tempered, but looks effortless. Whether it is technology, or appearance, Rolex has always sought excellence. Pursuit of function and form totally fused are meticulous design, the production was meticulous.

Rolex sponsorship 2014-2018 third International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. This cooperation is indeed a matter of course, because Rolex has been committed to building a first-class support. With the world as an important forum for cooperation to think about improving the living environment, to discuss how to open up the future, Rolex feel very honored.

Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) deep vision. In 1926, he revolutionized the watchmaking technology, the introduction of the world-famous Oyster watch ─ series. Oyster is now up to the Ninetieth Anniversary series has been available, the idea is still carrying out its principles, and that is for the future to bring a new atmosphere. Whether on the ground or water, even cold or hot place Language, which is the first to wear the watch in any environment. Its elegant appearance combined with superior technique, indeed complement each other, so watch functions completely changed. Since then, the technology continues to improve, including the new movement, have been used as a model of watch design, until today is still regarded as a model. And great buildings, experienced the test of time and survive.

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Building the Future
Rolex’s two newest office building, located in Dallas and Milan continues the company’s investment in support of the superior architecture, highlighting the Rolex design excellence and innovative spirit.

The company’s building construction projects both internationally renowned architects to participate, including the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Fumihiko Maki (Fumihiko Maki), who designed two Rolex building in Japan; and the late famous American architect Michael Graves • (Michael Graves), he designed Pennsylvania Ti Lee Heights watchmaking school (Lititz Watch Technicum); Pritzker architecture Prize winner Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, they founded SANAA Architects, located in Lausanne, Switzerland cheap Rolex replica training Center (Rolex Learning Center) is their masterpiece, innovation breakthrough, acclaimed. Sejima is director of the International Architecture Exhibition of 2010, her “Meet in Architecture” as the theme. Rolex and these outstanding architects and International Architecture Exhibition of Information, is to highlight its commitment to excellence.

In Milan, Italy’s leading construction firms Yibin Ni Architects (Studio Albini), responsible for the Rolex service and logistics center has been completed, the project can be described as strict precision, precision and performance in line with Rolex is committed to the spirit.

Now, in Dallas, Texas, the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma Rolex office building under construction in the form and quality of the environment has laid a new benchmark for the city. Kengo Kuma was elected 2020 Tokyo Olympic venues National Stadium chief architect, he specializes in the building, site associated with the natural environment, imaginative, and therefore an international reputation.

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Dallas dynamic architecture

By virtue of Kuma-designed building in Dallas, Rolex introduced a new form of office buildings for the city. The building is located in Harwood area (Harwood District), in the 1984 Rolex building site nearby. 1984 Rolex Tower is the first building on the outskirts of Dallas ever built office building. “The design theme is the integration of the building in the Land into.” Kengo Kuma explained. “Usual office is independent and separate from the surrounding land. So I from the outset, by means of a low Japanese-style walls of the building will be connected with the ground, and then twist the building, from the ground to create a building, from the bottom the continuous movement, showing the dynamics of the building. ”

Replica Rolex build its office building, as it tabulation, as always pursue innovative ideas, Dallas building is no exception. Kuma’s work has always been bold and unconventional, complex and cleverly designed into the environment, the first buildings of its design was built in 1988, Izu irregular shape of a small bathroom, the bathroom in steel, wood and concrete to build from.

Thereafter, Kuma make good use of natural light, space, and clever use of the wall, which is the way he designed the building, which he called “the disintegration and decomposition”, this approach is still unique. His architectural designs have been made in the past four thematic exhibitions International Architecture Exhibition, which works will be on display this year.

Kengo Kuma design techniques for its creation of the building, many tricks, such as Tokyo Asakusa Culture Tourism Center (Asakusa Culture Tourism Centre), such as eight kinds of houses stacked together; Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building (Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building), cedar shingles adorn the walls, and winding, exquisite workmanship; Dongjing Jiao house (plastic House in Tokyo), whose walls are composed of 4 mm thick plastic, add fiber, made of rice paper or bamboo; Suntory Museum ( Suntory Museum of Art), the vertical louvers reminiscent of ancient ceramic unparalleled lattice windows and doors.

Japan’s historic architectural elements, is also applicable to the design of the new office building in Dallas. The new office building will be used as a sales and service center. Its foundation made a low stone wall around this reference Edo Castle Ishigaki wall. To Dallas office, the wall was seen as a connection point of the city, rather than a defensive structure. Seven floors from ground projections Harry Hines Street (Harry Hines Boulevard) and Moody Street (Moody Street) built at the corner, looks like a stack of cards in the rotation slightly distorted.

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Kuma have a creed, is to integrate nature into their buildings; and also coincides with Rolex, the company has always been to protect the natural world, and therefore very supportive of Kengo Kuma designed this style, but also committed to the natural environment into downtown Dallas busy streets. Each protruding edges of the floor are covered with plants, two rooftop open space and ground all around the garden. This is a “Green” elements of the third generation of landscape architects Yamauchi Zhenwen (Sadafumi Uchiyama) provided for the building. These activities space with trees, and the ground around the construction of a waterfall and small pool.

Kengo Kuma’s design has always been a reference traditional Japanese architecture, this building is no exception. The dividing line between indoor outdoor fusion, he was particularly interested. He was always careful to put a hollow space and a balcony zoned out, that “side edge” (engawa). “In the traditional Japanese room, it is essential to create a hollow space, its function is not clear. But it is also a good way to Dallas, hot summer to cope with.” He said.

Shape and surface Kengo happiness of the Rolex building disintegrated, superb, wonderful workmanship. Each piece rises three floors begin with a visor from the outside cover. “We want to bring out the impression of light, so thin aluminum plate as a sun visor using the bottom of a similar grain pattern etched edges make very precise, sharp edges as much as possible to be made thinner, because the edges form an important part of our overall design Dallas sun is very strong, so we will set the visor depth of 400 mm. green will also be reflected to the balcony inside the building where the sun adoption. ”

The office building in Dallas, which can be described as very unique interior design, the use of wood
striking. For example Boardrooms walls and ceilings are lined up rows of raised wood; wood staff lounge ceiling layers overlap; floor reception area walls are decorated with Edo samurai arts and crafts, all of which are made with wooden slats.

“These gaps are used to increase the sense of lightness.” Kuma said. “This is very important because we want to avoid an overly strong feelings.” Therefore, the exquisite layered Rolex building facade designed in different ways in the building has been repeated. Every part of it reflects the Kuma space, shape, surface and feel natural and unique expression.

Precision Manufacturing in Milan

In Milan, the Design Council and the new logistics center service Rolex, originally intended to transform an existing building in the fifties Roman Gate area, it is centrally located with Rolex nineteenth century office building different. Rolex appointment Yibin Ni Architects (Studio Albini Associates), all because of the excellent track record of this company, the existing building will be carefully detailed modifications, or modernize, involving historic buildings from time to time. These projects include the Milan headquarters Consob, it is a clever renovated 19th century building; in addition to carefully refurbished Masi Mai fortress Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this castle built with mud bricks and clay, has a long history; and more recent projects ─ Lombardy Italy Assumption innovative rehabilitation and expansion project of the Church of the Benedictine convent.

45-year-old Francisco Yibin Ni (Francesco Albini) immediately found that the current Rolex building located Theo Philippe Petit Avenue (Viale Angelo Filippetti) and Kasu Luo Street
(Via Cassolo) at the junction of the V-shaped position, it can not be modified. Yibin Ni Architects another way, decided to build a new building, and the construction of ultra-precision metal facades, dynamic. This ability to be innovative approach to meet the challenges of 2016 the central theme of the Venice Architecture Biennale, by Alejandro ‧ Allah Wiener (Alejandro Aravena) led, and reflects the investment has been committed to creating Rolex spirit.

Ground and first floor of the building is a maintenance work area, then top with a multi-purpose conference room. In the latter rows of wooden shutters. A maintenance specialist public direct access to the rooftop garden. Kasu Luo flank rooftop garden along the street (Via Cassolo) extending another rooftop garden is located in a quiet courtyard on the north side; and the third garden is located on the ground extended range. Courtyard built watch repair training school. Building logistics and storage area located in the basement, the basement occupy two floors.

Building at the junction of two streets neatly “separate”, so that the sun can be projected within the three-storey atrium entrance of. This focus on structure design, together with a supporting pillar function, standing in between two layers of glass curtain wall, to ensure maintenance and Meetings do not impede the column, so as to re-plan work space, is quite easy.

So transparent and flexible interior features, will need a lot of fine-tuning. Frans high ‧ Yibin Ni Yibin Ni Architects was founded in 1930 and since then has been fine-tuning process is part of the spirit of the firm. He is an accomplished architect, has designed museums, subway stations, as well as many classic furniture, such as Canapo rocking chair, as well as glass, steel and wood made sailing simple Veliero bookshelf. Twenty-first century in which an outstanding architect Renzo Piano (Renzo Piano), also served as his intern. Today, Yibin Ni Architects from the Frans high ‧ Yibin Ni son Mark leadership, coincidentally, he was in Renzo Piano’s studio as an intern.

Francisco ‧ Yibin Ni described his design as “artigianato razionalizzato” ─ logical processes. This process precisely with blinds and orifice design Rolex building form, since the main feature of both is the building’s exterior walls. Electric vertical metal blinds to the street side of the light of the sun through the angle automatically changes the point of view; in addition, set into a thousand pieces of 1 mm thick stainless steel plates between the two windows. “This building restrictions light, maintaining privacy, the right people can see the building work outside, but the street people do not see them.” Yibin Ni said.

Yibin Ni Architects spent a whole year, a comprehensive test mock-office complex and the exterior structure. “In other words, we can truly study the details and resolve any issues.” Yibin Ni said. “Before we did not really know what will happen when those steel, high temperatures or outdoors in the sun.”

Rolled steel plates will grind cutting, so that it presents a perfect smooth clean feeling. Even the steel from hot rollers to move the polishing machine mode should also be tested. Precisely because they do not make steel processing to slight depression in the external walls will be very obvious.

Rolex Tower “logical process” is also reflected in its computer control technology and environmental systems. Heating and air conditioning of the building by a ground source heat pump regulator, and ground source heat pump is connected to the following building three 60-meter-deep borehole; Each room has a light sensor; the building is also used in combination of natural and mechanical ventilation facilities; conference hall rooftop There is also a row of solar panels.

Milan people, the building has become the new Rolex Junior modern buildings represent a true and appropriate image of the brand new visual effect: “We want to show this building among the metal materials and reflect the light, and the light of day refraction changes. “Yibin Ni said.

Future architect

Rolex replica uk is honored through its charitable programs recommended for funding Rolex Creative Arts program, inspired by a new generation of talented young architects. This charity program would maestro seven artistic establish mentoring relationships with promising young rookie, receiving individual instruction. The seven arts, dance, film, theater, music, visual arts and literature. In 2012, the building included within the present program, and a separate one category.

During the two-year period guidance, mentor and protege must spend a minimum of six weeks, the idea of ​​helping disciples, and share experiences, and even co-authoring. This experience of mentoring both far-reaching. So far, Alvaro Siza (Alvaro Siza, Portugal), Sejima (Japan) and Peter Zumthor ‧ (Peter Zumthor, Switzerland) has been planned to take over the guidance of a talented young architects were division.

Alvaro Siza ‧ year in 2002-2003 guided the Jordanian architect Sahel Al ‧ ‧ Heary (Sahel Al-Hiyari), pointed out that when he talked about this experience: “For people who love the building is concerned, share their experiences, and efforts to improve access to the world of the younger generation, it is very important. ”

Sahib Al ‧ of ‧ Heary, this experience is quite valuable. “Under the guidance of that year is the key phase of my life.” He said. “With the architect Alvaro Siza ‧ work, his talent and enthusiasm touched me; if I have been facing difficulties in Jordan, but I have to continue to work in construction, where this is what I was destined to join the industry. ”

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In the 2012-2013 year, Sejima directed the young Chinese architect Zhao Yang. Sejima participation requirements Zhao Yang “common homeland” (Home-for-All) program, designed for a public gathering place for all. In 2011, the tsunami battered Japan, “common homeland” is Japan’s top architects created one of the relief projects. Zhao Yang Dali in China has its own architectural firm, when he talked about working with Sejima experience when, said: “She felt the world around them, observe examine these feelings, and converts them to integrate into her building design. “he said he can now” different perspective “view of the world.

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During 2014 to 2015 Guidance This year, Switzerland, Paraguay and South Korea ‧ Peter Zumthor (Peter Zumthor) and Gloria ‧ Cabral (Gloria Cabral) stayed two apprenticeship places. Gloria Cabral ‧ ‧ accompanied Peter Zumthor visit Seoul to meet with a Catholic priest, the priest was now identifying talent to design and build a small chapel, and later Cabral eligible for dispatch responsible for this project. Her mentor and his team together for a total of at Ruishi Ha Alden Stein, and obsessed with the principle of learning Zumthor’s buildings. Zumthor principles tend to respond to the demands of human nature, not blindly rely on knowledge.

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Zumthor visited Carla Boolean Asuncion home, her aesthetic he was impressed. “Our intuition than our brains know a lot more.” Zumthor said. “Her inner strength, and very firmly believe in her own intuition I never have antiphonal Liya said:!!!” Gloria, Gloria whom you want to be brave, to create more it boldly Trust your instincts. ” she already has it all. ”

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Construction supervisor

British architect David. Sir Chipperfield (David Chipperfield) as a building supervisor 2016-2017 annual Rolex Creative recommend funding schemes. The issue of a mentor, David. Chipperfield very excited, because he said: “There is no such encouragement, maybe I would not challenge yourself, imagine or dream With confidence.”

David. Sir Chipperfield many world-famous for its work, its masterpieces across a variety of buildings, including the municipal cultural buildings, houses, hotels and offices, as well as shop interior design, furniture, lighting and tableware. Today, he employs more than 250 employees in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai offices. In his famous buildings, among them, many museums, such as the reconstruction of Neues Museum, he is now the city’s Museum Island was to design a building entrance; in addition to Mexico City Hummels (Júmex) Museum. In 2011, he was awarded the Royal Institute of Architects (Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA) Gold Medal of the Royal building, and he was responsible for the two British galleries have also been completed; which is located in Margate (Margate) Turner Contemporary Art Hall (Turner Contemporary) was recently selected as one of contemporary British landmarks twenty-first century, and the Museum of Fine Arts is another Yorkshire Hepworth Wakefield Art Gallery (the Hepworth Wakefield). Ongoing projects include the center of Stockholm Nobel (Nobel Center), Zurich, Switzerland Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zürich) expansion, as well as Berlin’s new National Gallery (Neue Nationalgalerie) refurbishment.

Sir Chipperfield recently been designated redesigned Modern and Contemporary Art wing of the Metropolitan Museum in New York (Metropolitan Museum) and the adjacent areas, and refitted refurbished London’s Royal College of Art. In 2012 he orchestrated the Venice Architecture Biennale, the first curator of the British architect. In 2010, for his contribution to the British and German architecture and knighted; 2013 awarded at Takamatsu Memorial Palace World Cultural Award (Praemium Imperiale), in recognition of his lifetime achievement.

Rolex Rolex sincerely thanked the other worked as a consultant Creative Recommended Scheme famous architect: ‧ Frank Gehry (Frank Gehry), Sir Norman Foster (Lord Norman Foster), • Daniel Libeskind (Daniel Libeskind ) and Ryue Nishizawa.

Excellence culture

Rolex replica watches continues to sponsor international Architecture Biennale, reflects the company’s excellent design in all its forms, wide range of interests, everything covered. Across the company we are committed to the pursuit of excellent quality, which is the Rolex corporate philosophy of an important part. This concept of depth to the various aspects of the brand, from aesthetics to technology, from promotion to logistics, from innovative ideas to fine-tune or even all buildings to manufacturing watches. This is a Rolex Road.

Level and beyond conventional watchmaking: the 2016 Rolex replica Baselworld New Products

Rolex 2016 Basel World Watch and Jewellery Fair grand launch of the new Oyster and Che Lini watch, as well as brand new certification for all watches. rolex replica unique title “top observatory when the chronograph” watch for performance to lay a new standard, and beyond the conventional level of watchmaking.

This year’s flagship models including the new Cosmograph Daytona (Daytona Cosmograph) 904L steel models, with black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring. Watch combines technology and legendary chronograph While the classic aesthetics. Rolex has also launched a new Oyster Perpetual Air-King (Oyster Perpetual King Air type), its 40 mm case and inspired by aviation surface are re-launched. Rolex’s most prestigious Oyster Perpetual Day-Date series, this year celebrate the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the launch of the Special Representative of the brand green face plate commemorative edition. The classical style of Che Lini representatives Cellini, the new models are showing a new aesthetic surface.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

The new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona (Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona) 904L steel watch with Rolex developed and patented by the black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring, high-tech aesthetics and extraordinary melting pot, and to tradition of excellence in this legendary chronograph tribute. The black outer plastic adhering to the 1965 version of the black character circle design glass, ceramics and more high-tech, extremely rugged durability, tachometer bezel is legible at a glance.

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Watch Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, Ref.116500LN, 904L stainless steel Oyster case, the table diameter 40 mm, white face, black ceramic solid outer Cerachrom even speedometer scale, the central hours, minutes and seconds; small seconds at 6 position; central pointer by the timer accurate to 1/8 seconds, 30 minute and 12 hour counter are located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position; seconds pause properties to accurately adjust the time, screw Triplock triple waterproof system, anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass mirror, Rolex replica watches 4130 automatic winding mechanical chronograph constant motivation core, a power reserve of about 72 hours, plus or minus a day within two seconds (after the movement put into the case), waterproof 100 meters, 904L Oyster stainless steel strap attached to the insurance discount with 5 mm easy to tune link extension system.

Oyster Perpetual Air-King

The new Oyster Perpetual Air-King (Oyster Perpetual King Air type) watch, continuation of the original wristwatch aviation origins. New Air-King Watch case diameter of 40 mm, with 904L steel forging. Black surface rich personality, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position marked King Arabic numerals, minute scale is conspicuous prominent, so that sailing can clearly read. The words “Air-King” on the surface, the font is designed for original wristwatch designed in the 1950s by.

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Oyster Perpetual Air-King Ref.116900 (Oyster Perpetual King Air type) watch, 904L stainless steel case, diameter 40 mm, central hour, minute and second hand, second hand pause to accurately adjust the time, 18 ct white gold 3 , 6, 9 figures, 18 ct white gold legible Chromalight luminous triangle marker at 12 o’clock (lasting luminous), a white minute digital printing, Chromalight 18 ct white gold luminescent hands, green second hand, replica Rolex 3131 automatic winding mechanical machine core, within a day plus or minus two seconds (after the movement put into the case), paramagnetic blue Parachrom springs, high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror, power reserve of about 48 hours, waterproof 100 meters, 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelet with folding safety clasp and 5 mm easy to tune links.

Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 Commemorative Edition

Rolex Day-Date is the brand most distinguished style, is the first choice all over the world watch the number of heads of state, leaders and people in the far-sighted, since 2015, a new generation of Rolex Day-Date 40, for this prestigious watches into the new design, but with a superior quality of the new mechanical movement -3255 type movement. This year happens to be eligible for the reputation as “the heads of state of the table” in Oyster Perpetual Day-Date available 60 anniversary, to commemorate this unique moment, in order to fully represent the brand Rolex green surface reinterpreted Day-Date. Day-Date 40 Commemorative Edition with 18ct rose gold or white gold eternity casting, and follows the unique triangular grooved outer design Day-Date adopted since 1956. Day-Date Oyster case guaranteed waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet), the unique shape of the middle case, in one piece of solid 18ct gold cast is a strong example of elegance and perfect proportions.

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Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 Ref.228235 watch, 18ct eternal rose gold case, the table diameter 40 mm, central hour, minute and second hand, second hand to accurately adjust the time to pause, fast transfer instantaneous jump calendar Sunday, Rolex 3255 automatic winding mechanical movement, a day within plus or minus two seconds (after the movement put into the case), paramagnetic blue Parachrom gossamer, highly efficient Chronergy escapement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror, power reserve of approximately 70 hours. waterproof 100 meters, 18ct rose gold eternity ring type half-heads of three rows of chain link strap.


Rolex replica uk introduced the new Cellini Time (Che Lini time type), Cellini Date (Che Lini calendar type) and Cellini Dual Time (Che Lini dual time type) to 18 ct white gold or rose gold eternity manufacturing, case diameter 39 mm. White lacquered surface and 12 newly designed slender hour markers are all the main features of the new Cellini Time watch. Cellini Date with a blue face and strap, and Cellini Dual Time surface and then add brown strap.

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Cellini Date watch Ref.50519,18ct white gold case, the table diameter 39 mm, blue radiation pattern face plate, the central hours, minutes and seconds, with pointer calendar display panel located at the 3 o’clock position, the replica Rolex watches Caliber 3165 mechanical movement, within plus or minus two seconds a day (after the movement put into the case), paramagnetic blue Parachrom gossamer, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror, power reserve of about 48 hours, waterproof 50 meters, blue leather strap attached 18ct white gold buckle.

39 mm Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual watch 114 300

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2014 Rolex replica introduced three 36 mm color faceplate Oyster Perpetual watch, a stunning, but its small size is more suitable for women, probably heard the voice of the consumer, in 2015, Rolex launched the same color then the face plate the 39 mm Oyster Perpetual watch 114,300.

This is a once and for all watches

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Watch enthusiasts always assume that only buy the premise of a table, you should choose what kind of watch. I think for most people, complex functions should be crossed out from the list of your goals in life can no longer power, can no calendar, the timing can not, you just need the easiest time function, everything else is redundant. While this table, but must be able to accompany you up the mountain to the sea, timeless style, worn on the wrist for 50 years is not out of date. This standard is not easy to achieve, but 39 mm replica rolex Oyster Perpetual watch 114,300 just to meet all the criteria.

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The new Oyster Perpetual Oyster Perpetual watch dial is the most caught the eye of three different color sun pattern dial. Rhodium deep gray dial is the most conservative and most popular, while red wine and blue face plate is bolder, more youthful choice.

Rolex replica watches new face plate is impressive, although very simple, but will not make people feel monotonous and boring. In fact, the watch dial and the integration of such pure color — is likely to be its biggest advantage. No date or date magnifier window to interfere with the line of sight. Hour and minute hands are simple strip bar, when three-dimensional gold standard is the same consistent thin strip, not distracting but also to ensure readability. Only the hands and at 9:00 on March 6th time scale is filled with luminous material — after all, is not a diving watch.

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Of course, the face plate Zeneng less Rolex replica uk small crown, but we are more interested in the new color dot hour markers. The Swiss giant really uncharacteristically playful design of bright contrast color point. Rhodium-gray dial coupled with bright blue fine point, red wine color face plate with orange highlights, and blue face plate with a green dot. This color point 12, with the sun grain surface plate having a wonderful reflection of the combination, the only time to watch the show features add a lot of fun.

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Oyster case
Rolex in 1926 first introduced the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster case is legendary. Nowadays many people think there is no watch 500 meters waterproof capability will not dare to wear a swim, but think Rolex, Oyster case 100 meters water resistance to cope with everyday casual swim, it is more than sufficient. At the same time, the aesthetic point of view, it is right in the heart of elegant suits and perfectly rough sport style between timeless style, which means it never gets old. Case shape and structure do not have much new, but the size of it is new. Oyster Perpetual hands before the table is only 34 mm and 36 mm, although the size of men and women pass to kill, but always masculine enough, and now for the first time provides a masculine dimension of 39 mm.

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Good pairs, Oyster case with Oyster bracelet always considered perfect. Comfortable 904L stainless steel bracelet (70400) all brushed, with mirror-polished bezel in stark contrast to the decades of continuous improvement down, it was perfect (To be honest, five beads hand to bring more comfortable but more expensive it).

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39 mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch 114 300 2015 launch, is equipped with sophisticated technology 3132 movement, is to remove the 3135 calendar function through the COSC certified, equipped with Rolex Parachrom niobium blue gossamer, Paraflex cushioning protection system, gold screw to adjust the balance wheel and other advanced technology to drill 31, with 48-hour power reserve, and stop seconds, means being able to set the time accurate to the second.

3132 Rolex now is certainly not the most sophisticated of the movement, but watch for entry must be very appropriate. According Rolex tonality, 3255 on the promotion of new technologies to the fundamentals of Oyster watch had a year or two after 3232 was in respect of the new movement, and should have 70 hours power reserve!

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Overhand effect
Distinctive and long-lasting spread is a contradiction. Many people do not like the color so overhangs, that is not enough seriousness, I think the idea of ​​progress, after all, modern society is more open, more and more men want, ShuShouShuJiao wear three-piece suits, that three new colors and lively, let the whole vivid dress up a lot, but its shape and remind you that this is a continuation of 80 years of classic design.

39 mm cheap Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual watch is priced at 5400 114 300 Swiss francs, converted about 30,006 yuan, things that discount, then 30000 will be able to start early, simple man believes he can pick this doctrine 114,300 to wear, simple and practical function , designs close to perfect, if you can always have a watch, vote for it to be sure; I expect to look forward to 3232 movement equipped with 39 mm Oyster Perpetual watch.