Space shuttle citizens of the world: Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II GMT-Master Watches

Since its launch in 1955, the Replica Rolex GMT-Master Series classic style Ref.6542’s watch, then to 24 hours dazzling red and blue color progressive scale rotating outer ring (by table fans nicknamed “Pepsi Pepsi Circle”) plundered people of all ages. Time rush, six decades later, GMT-Master is not only the achievements of a generation of classic status, but also because with the new red and blue color ceramic words ring, 18ct white gold case of Ref.116719BLRO come out in 2014, flared up again this whole world When the classic meter real enthusiasm. And this seems to pay tribute to the classic appearance of a new masterpiece, in fact, inside contains a Rolex gradual evolution of the road, and let us from GMT-Master Rolex reason for Historical Review timeless success again.

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1954 Basel Watch Fair, the world regardless of the Rolex or altar table values ​​for both unsuccessful idea at the moment. This year, Rolex Watch Fair in one fell swoop at the show designed specifically for the athlete Explorer, Submariner diver and general consumers Turn-0-Graph, in one fell swoop the performance table (Utility Watch) concept into real concrete image and leading the entire industry trend trend table. This achievement is of course the outcome of the joint efforts of all staff Rolex, public relations director of the year Rolex replica watch is in itself a number of sports enthusiasts of Rene-Paul Jeanneret in fact also contributed much on the concept of molding and shaping. Rolex is also due in the design and manufacture of the performance table of the clear leader, attracting a high level of interest at the time the world’s largest airline Pan American World Airways Pan-Am, hoping to design a shuttle pilots specifically for their respective time zones between the The practical design watch. After the Pan American World Airways and Rene-Paul Jeanneret approached, the two respective companies dominate the market of mutual cooperation, the results led to the equally famous GMT-Master.

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Pan Am has sent aviation world itself is a secondary air war hero of the famous Captain Frederick Libby to provide technical advice, and Jeanneret is conceived on the bezel with a rotatable bezel twenty-four hours and pay more on the face plate of a pointer to indicate the idea of ​​a second to time. Technically, Rolex chosen number 6202, equipped with 1030 movement Turn-O-Graph as modified in accordance with, plus gear and a new date indicated in 24 hours late, a number 1065 of a new movement was born. In addition to twenty-four hour mark labeled plastic color can be rotated out of the loop outside of the second time zone, number 6542 of the first generation of GMT-Master look and Turn-O-Graph and Submariner quite similar, yet also with a crown Shoulders (Crown Protecting Shoulders). However, it is worth noting that:. Ref 6542 the first generation of GMT-Master is the first one with the date window magnifier (Cyclops) of Rolex watches. 1956, GMT-Master of the second time zone by the plastic material of the outer ring into the future change in use of metal materials. GMT-Master became the official timepiece of Pan American Airways, the company allotted a GMT-Master to every top executives, pilots and navigators.

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1960, GMT-Master facelift as Ref.1675, and begin with there is the crown Shoulders, GMT pointer on the disk surface becomes much larger, and the existing watches have been quite similar. On the face plate is also printed Ref.1675 count the Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified mark the adoption of the existing replica watches, the different Ref.6542 of Officially Certified Chronometer, mainly using the Caliber 1565, this movement with Micro Stella No Sprung (Free Sprung Balance), the accuracy of a lot more sophisticated. Ref.1675 not only by Pan American World Airways and others a greater number of civil aircraft division of love, more popular in the general consumer population, selling nearly two decades, making it one of the best selling Rolex watches.

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GMT-Master not only trusted by the civil aviation sector, also spoke highly of the military, pilots have to wear a lot of fighting. NASA in the 1940s and 1950s began a series of flight speed and altitude to test and challenge, and finally in 1967 by the North American X15 tester hit 4,534 mph (7,269 kph), or Mach 6.72 world record today, still no one can broken. X15 driving record is worn Pete Knight GMT Master, he appreciated the GMT Master on the ground 45,000 feet of altitude, to withstand the intense action and more than 3.5 G of centrifugal force, but still functioning and maintain chronometer Precision levels. Pete Knight GMT Master reasons choose to wear is not without trace: he belongs Edward Air Force Base (Edwards Air Force Base) always heroes, in 1947 driving Bell X-1 aircraft to break the sound barrier (Sound Barrier) of Chuck Yeager is already worn by accompany him to fight in World War II years of Rolex Oyster watches.

1976 GMT improved again launch with stop second performance improved models; 1980, GMT Master facelift to Ref 16750, an increase of date fast transfer performance. After, GMT-Master re facelift as Ref.16700, the mirror also evolved into a sapphire crystal glass. In 1983, Rolex replica introduced a new evolution, NO Ref. 16710 The GMT-Master II, with the clock can operate independently with GMT, the whole point of fast transfer performance of Calibre 3085 movement, due twenty-four hours GMT bezel and pointer can be two-way rotation, so GMT Master with display evolutionary performance three times. And by the GMT Master so insistent on classic design, but continued gradual and continuous improvement of the evolutionary process is not difficult to find, it is this culture to make a Rolex watch to maintain the brand value does not fall and consumer long-lasting love.

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Thereafter, until 2005, Rolex GMT-Master II ushered in the biggest change in recent years, with 18ct gold case with patent Cerachrom word ceramic ring Ref. 116718 LN models come out. Rolex Institute developed after years, the assembly of high-performance components to the rotating outer ring ──Cerachrom word ceramic surface is extremely scratch resistant and long-lasting gloss exudes a deep, engraved with the exact numbers and in stark contrast to the progressive scale. Within 24 hours of progressive scale word ring, more research and development through the Rolex PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition, Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology K filled a thin layer of gold or platinum. Ceramic is durable material, with a strong scratch damage, corrosion resistance, even if it will not fade by ultraviolet radiation. To seek innovation and perfect Designer Rolex Replica concerned, this material is ideal replace anodized aluminum. In 2006, half gold version Ref.1116713LN models come out; in 2007, with a stainless steel case Ref.116710LN come out, that several features are all black Cerachrom ceramics word circle.

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Recommended Rolex replica holiday – Valentine’s Day [Ladies Datejust 28 soft and elegant model]

Rolex Replica Watches UK introduced a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies watch, with a redesigned and diameter to 28 mm case, as well as installation of the Rolex patent SYLOXI silicon balance spring 2236 mechanical movement, providing top observatory chronometer (SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER) performance. More accurate than the Swiss Observatory certified chronometer more than twice.

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Precious materials
New women’s Datejust and Day-debut this year embraced each other, both near synchronous evolution of Rolex Replica Watches aesthetic elements, such as the fine and middle ear shell case, wide clear dial, as well as heads of state type and Oyster case tightly integrated or commemorative type strap.Ladies Datejust with a new generation of 950 platinum, 18 ct rose gold or gold eternity style, and with a new dial, full of the essence of the re-interpretation.

Another classic new dial
New women’s Datejust with a new series of carefully designed dial, the cutting-edge technology combined with traditional knowledge, especially attention. Part dial by double handling, stamping fine pattern in the traditional sun lighting effects, create unique color effects. The new diamond hour markers and demonstrates only watch the extraordinary elegance and gentle temperament. The production is also showing off new dial Replica Rolex unique technology, designed for the new women’s Datejust and set.

Gold – Rolex casting
18 ct gold Rolex watch has a unique luster, carefully casting manufacture by Rolex Dian Dian molding processing and finishing. Eternal rose gold Rolex patent, with a unique ingredient pink color lasting forever.

2236-type movement and top chronometer
Latest ladies Rolex Datejust with fully developed by the 2236 automatic winding mechanical movement. Its patented Syloxi silicon springs developed by Rolex, the introduction of a high level of performance for the ladies’ timepieces. Rolex case again after assembly only COSC chronometer tests, watches assembled, the methods and high-tech equipment will specialize in Rolex watches ultimate accuracy of detection.

Oyster case, waterproof symbol
Ladies Datejust Oyster case to ensure water depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is a rugged elegance and perfect proportions of the model. Uniquely shaped middle case with the original block solid 950 platinum or 18 ct gold cast. Triangular grooved bottom with a special tool exclusive brand of tightening, so the case is completely sealed, the only watchmaker Rolex replica watches uk opened before. Twill lock winding crown using dual waterproofing system, securely fastened to the case. Mirror places Blue Crystal manufacture, easy to scratch. 3 o’clock position is equipped with a small window lens, easy to read calendar. Ladies Datejust waterproof Oyster case given the high precision movement with optimum protection.

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Heads type and commemorative type of strap
Can be used with the new women’s Datejust and Day-strap perfect costume, prominent noble heads type strap, or the re-design of an elegant commemorative type strap. Spacious new hidden underneath the outer ring connections, ensure seamless connection between visual effects strap and case, making gold or platinum bracelet menace. Implicit generation of spacious style crown buckle with Rolex replica crown logo hinged open, as this noble dotting added a strap on the aesthetics and functionality.

Recommended Rolex replica holiday – Valentine’s [Day-40 top observatory chronometer]

Rolex introduced a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Day-Date replica watches for this prestigious watches into the new design, including the 40 mm case, and lay the timepiece a new standard of performance in 3255 a new type of mechanical movement. Rolex introduced in the late 1950s, the “top observatory chronometer”, laid altar table position, the new Day-Date is the next level, and its accuracy when compared with the Swiss Observatory certification count more than twice.

A symbol of excellence and fame
The aesthetic design of the new Day-Date heritage of rolex replica this fascinating watch changes over the years, including the fine and middle ear shell case, wide clear dial, and heads of state-type strap. Heads-type bracelet in 1956 specially produced for the Day-Date, now redesigned to make it even more integration with the Oyster case. The new Day-Date with 950 platinum, 18 ct gold, white gold or rose gold eternity style, and with a variety of sophisticated new dial, full of the essence of the re-interpretation.

Heads of the table
All along, the Day-Date is in gold or platinum casting, is a sign of excellence and fame, but also a symbol of Rolex’s top watchmaking. 1956 launch of the DAY-built based on the three pillars of Rolex. This table is the first waterproof self-winding COSC watch, with instantaneous jump calendar Sunday, while the small window in the dial displays the date and write a full week. In accurate, reliable, easy to read, and all aspects of style, this extraordinary masterpiece are outstanding, the cornerstone of its exalted status. Numerous heads of state, leaders and vision disabilities, had a history of wearing Rolex Day-Date, the altar table champion. Heads-type strap straight people think of the name of prominent figures wear it, so that Day-a veritable “summit-type watch,” second to none.

3255-type movement and top chronometer
Latest DAY-by Rolex replica developed a completely new generation of 3255-type movement, showing superior level of precision timepieces. Rolex case after assembly, again only COSC chronometer (COSC) tests, to ensure its accuracy when compared with the count of the Swiss Observatory certification standards than twice daily use. After assembled watches, methods and high-tech equipment will specialize in Rolex watches final accuracy of detection.

This self-winding mechanical movement serves as the pinnacle of watchmaking. This only has 14 patents movement, in precision, power reserve, shockproof, anti-magnetic, convenience and reliability are very good in all aspects, perfect display of exquisite Rolex technology. This new design movement configuration Rolex patented Chronergy escapement. The new escapement made of nickel phosphorus, efficient and reliable but also from magnetic interference.

Balance swing unit is the heart of replica watches uk parts, with a Rolex Parachrom patent blue gossamer, made of a unique alloy casting this gossamer to Rolex, the remainder from magnetic interference, seismic force is ten times more than conventional gossamer. In addition, outstanding efficiency of the new structure of the barrel and escapement, so 3255-type movement power reserve to 70 hours.

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Representative Rolex craftsmanship another classic new dial
The new Day-equipped with a range of well-designed new dial, the cutting-edge technology combined with traditional knowledge,
Extra attention. The effect of the sun’s rays on top of the traditional decorated with thin laser-etched pattern, creating a refined and beautiful effect. The new design combinations Roman numeral hour markers and individual parts manually configured, all fully demonstrate only charming masculine watch. Also showing off the unique technology making dial Rolex, sections of the new dial designed for the latest Sunday calendar type and set.

Heads of prominent noble type of strap
Elegant magnificent heads type strap specifically for 1956 launch of the Sunday calendar type and design, and the integration of traditional elements also watch the latest being again. Unique gold or platinum bracelet with a three-cell arched mer, reliable and comfortable. Now links more embedded ceramic components, more flexible and durable. Spacious new hidden underneath the outer ring connections, ensure seamless connection between visual effects strap and case. A new generation of concealed crown buckle with Rolex replica crown logo hinged open, as this noble dotting added a strap on the aesthetics and functionality.

Rolex replica spokesperson Yundi Li led the National Theatre staged musical carnival

World leaders replica watch brand Rolex spokesperson, internationally renowned pianist Yundi Li will soon be staged in the evening of July 15 piano concert at the National Concert Hall, this show will join the famous conductor Charles Dutoit with the National Youth Orchestra together for the audience to offer a musical carnival.

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After the 2000 Warsaw Chopin Piano Competition Gold Medal winning title, Yundi Li became the focus of world attention, then only 18 years old, he broke the first prize two successive vacancies up 15 years of silence, won the gold medal crown, becoming the start of 73 years of the most Young first prize winner. International music critics, said: This is the altar piano shocked the world a major feat.

Uphold the brand tradition, carry forward the brand value, Rolex by supporting a number of carefully selected artists and artistic activities, and actively assist artists of excellence. Rolex accompanied them to witness every important moment in life, it has become an integral part of their life time partner. A public support persons Rolex replica is the ultimate symbol of excellence excellence and outstanding achievements, and Rolex together to create enduring success story.

Rolex is proud to be the best art events, artists, art projects and an important driving force behind the activities.

Early 20th century, in the era of popular pocket watch, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf successfully realize their dreams, create a set of precise and elegant as one of the watch. Since then, the Swiss watch industry as a leader brand Rolex has always encouraged individual achievement of excellence. Over the years, Rolex continues to develop brands and products, the pursuit of perfection. Because the use of only the highest quality materials, by the best designers, Rolex watch became the elegant, noble and highest quality symbol.

Uphold the brand tradition, carry forward the brand value, Rolex by supporting a number of carefully selected artists and artistic activities, and actively assist artists of excellence.

Brands like Rolex seek its passionate pursuit of partners precision and performance. Thus, Rolex and the arts can be described as a matter of course become attached. Rolex and the arts of cooperation can be traced back to the 1970s. At the time, New Zealand soprano Mrs. Ji Li Di Kanawa (Dame Kiri Te Kanawa) opened a long-term cooperation Rolex and the arts.

Over the years, Rolex replica has been extended to support all areas of the arts of many outstanding artists. In the field of vocal music, Rolex spokesmen include more than 30 years of partnership with the brand famous Spanish tenor Placido Domingo , the Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli , the German tenor Jonas Kaufmann and the British male low alto singer Bryan Terfel.

Cooperation with Rolex famous classical musicians have talented young pianist Yuja Wang. In addition, Rolex also with Venezuela conductor Gustavo Dudamel to establish a close cooperative relationship. As the world’s leading orchestras recognized by Dudamel as music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic has also been a sponsor Rolex.

In the field of contemporary music, Rolex and many well-known pop artist maintained a stable and cooperative relations, including Grammy Award winner, Canadian jazz singer Diana Crane children and Mike Bray, India sitar virtuoso and composer Arnold ska Shankar , and the famous French ballerina Sylvie Guillem.

In addition to supporting artists, Rolex also understands the importance of establishing partnerships with renowned arts organizations, such as La Scala in Milan intoxicating , the historic London’s Royal Opera House, and in September 2014 to support prestigious Paris National Opera; also supports the world famous New York Metropolitan Opera at the same time, Rolex vigorously.
Support popular Salzburg Festival as well as the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Now, Rolex support of the arts has been extended to Asia, and China’s National Grand Theatre (National Centre for the Performing Arts) special timepiece.

At the same time, Rolex also through some sponsorship to help young artists and give full play to their artistic potential, as indicated by Mr. Placido Domingo founded the annual World Opera Vocal Competition Operalia, as well as replica Rolex watches uk Creative recommend Scheme (Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative), the project aims to explore the world of talented young artists, so that they and the artist for a period of one year of cooperation, and in the meantime to accept one of the guidance.

Recently, Rolex partnership with classical music online video leader brand By means of this unique platform, music lovers can always experience the famous concert scene charm. Likewise, Rolex has also established cooperative relations with the European news station (Euronews) called Musica music program, the program will bring viewers to the world of music and dance.

Rolex partners also include opera fans for all open and comprehensive online library opera Operaonline. These are part of the Rolex arts support program, it aims to make the public exposed to high-quality classical music concerts, festivals, opera and musicians around the world to promote and popularize music.

Adhering to the brand’s founder, Mr. Wilsdorf spirit, Rolex replica watches always active in the arts field, spared no effort to support those who share common values ​​and brand, relentless pursuit of perfection and excellence of outstanding talent and institutions. This support will benefit the artistic heritage of heritage, and to make a unique culture around the world and lasting outstanding contribution.